"Qian Si Man" young women's fashion to bu…

Hangzhou Haiting Garments Co., Ltd. is a modernized apparel company integrating design, production and marketing. We will adhere to the concept of "customer's trust is the most valuable meaning of the enterprise", actively promote various products and services, Improve product qualit ----more

ECA women's interpretation of women's feminine …

ECA pursuit of fashion, sexy, elegant style, the integration of the romantic elegance of European costumes and South Korea's fine clothing, a true representation of the modern woman's desire for beauty. So that beauty and beauty show full of elegance, more feminine. ECA women's inte ----more

Loyermod is pleased to add charm to all urban women

Loyermod Loyalmodifies all the feminine charm of urban women pursuing independence and freedom, fashion elegance and optimism loyermod Loyalmodifies the femininity of all urban women pursuing independent freedom, fashion elegance and self-confidence and optimism Dongguan City Yue Yue Garments Co., ----more

Slim dress with perfect waist

Ben Wang July 24 hearing, summer, to dress, of course, choose to highlight the fine waist, looks bloated MM must be carefully chosen. What is the perfect combination of self-cultivation waist? Waist cut dress, can make your bucket waist instantly become a charming water snake waist, allowing you t ----more

Haijia Shi 2012 new sandals promotions big move, than b…

In order to boost the July sales promotion, add surprises to customers, yesterday 2012 Haijia Shi women 's new sandals a full price adjustment promotion, really make you an unexpected cost-effective! The beauty of our direct sales shop received a notice of price adjustment have fried pot, have ----more

Hot summer trendy men's shoes grab the limelight

This site on July 23 hearing, high heat summer, sandals is one of the essential equipment for everyone, everyone knows, in the hot summer, our choice of shoes is also varied. Here are some of the best sandals we have chosen. I believe you can go from head to toe. 1. Lightweight flip flops: Wheth ----more

Nine major trends in the early spring 2013 series

Leading Words: Following eight weeks of the Chanel Versailles Garden show, over 180 fashion shows, the display of the 2013 early spring series has come to an end. Looking back to May, Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director of Chanel, introduced us to at least one fashion keyword in this season - jeans. ----more