Sichuan Textile and Clothing Industry Goes Out of Low G…

In the first half of the year, 567 textile enterprises above designated size achieved industrial output value of 70.606 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.12%; realized main business income of 67.47 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18%, but a 9 percentage point increase fr ----more

Bosideng men's 2014 spring and summer new conferenc…

September 8, Bosideng's men's brand in the Changshu International Exhibition Center released 2014 spring and summer new products. Following the 13th autumn and winter took the lead in the "Turin adventure" theme to start the "global journey" cultural strategy, once again ----more

Classic black single product with charm four seasons ar…

This site on September 6 hearing, black is elegant atmosphere, mysterious sexy, play cool personality, in the annual color to go back and forth in the week, only black as the eternal classic color will never be forgotten by fashion. No matter how the four seasons change it's easy to use is the ----more

Women's Brand Fille Clair's E-commerce Road

The well-known women's brand Fille Clair has officially entered the Lynx Mall in July 2013. Although the stationing time is not long, but its excellent marketing activities and perfect after-sales service, has rapidly accumulated a lot of popularity, online users will never lose the activity of ----more

Nigerian "wig beauty" Chinese enterprises fin…

Female students at Lagos University wear wigs to perform dances. (International online reporter Wei Xiangnan photo) International online report (Reporter Wei Xiangnan): Due to the special physiological characteristics of black people, hair growth is very slow, both male and female, and it is diffi ----more

What effect does the agate bracelet have on the body?

As a woman, there are often many sets of jewellery, and the reason is not because women pay attention to gold, it is really because women need to wear different jewellery when they attend different occasions. If there is no dress for these jewels, the whole person will be ----more

The role of jewelry

The role of jewelry The origin of jewelry, initially should be the cover, with the living standards and the continuous development of human creativity, began to transform part of the transformation derived from the decoration for the decoration. Jewelry is used to decorate and wear, and some jewelr ----more