Samaritan Dan brand women in hot investment

Samaritan women multidisciplinary design team cross-border cooperation, highlighting the designer brand style; And Golden Eagle, Ginza, and other large shopping malls reached a strategic cooperation agreement; First domestic fashion brand and mall cooperation new model, all-round terminal interact ----more

Advantages of two-component glue applicator to coat ins…

The glue machine, as its name suggests, is a machine. The so-called machine is a kind of equipment that can improve the efficiency more than the artificial production of insulating glass. The two-component glue machine not only solves the above problem of manual glue applicat ----more

Summer came to the home allergens

Core Tip: In the early summer, some invisible stimuli will make the family become a "sick house", causing family members to suffer from "sick house syndrome". The latest article in the "Old House" magazine published the US non-profit network organization. The Allerg ----more

Talented men care for your shirt Weapon

Shirts can highlight the men's charm, with a good shirt can give you extra points! However, the shirt is also a long-standing problem in cleaning, how to maintain the shirt has always been a headache for everyone. The market for many shirt collar collar care products, such as the net collar, bo ----more

18K gold diamond ring selection skills

What is the selection technique for the 18K gold diamond ring? Because of its good style, strong setting and appropriate price, it has always been the first choice for consumers. If you can use some selection techniques when choosing, you must have a diamond ring with high ----more

Omega May-fashion children's fashion world I am the…

The nature of the child's character is lively and cheerful, Omegawi fashion children's clothing LOGO: a pair of angel wings, symbolizing God's Eden daring Angels. Omega Mexico presents a classic new look of modern breath. Clever use of color with the natural and tailored to show the fas ----more

lily Business Ladies Fashion Spring 2013 struck

lily Business Women's Fashion Spring 2013 Spring and Summer Texture struck! ! ! Or delicate delicate embroidery on the fabric, or chiffon, satin, lace fabric take the weight of the reorganization, no matter what kind of design, decorative fabrics become the main trend of this summer fabrics. C ----more