Lightweight and functional linen fabrics lead the spring and summer epidemic

The Spring-Summer 2012 fabric exhibition, which was jointly attended by 46 fabric manufacturers and printing and dyeing plants, was held recently. At the exhibition, linen fabrics and various fabrics with light texture and strong functionalities attracted attention.

Since the beginning of this year, Japanese fabric manufacturers have generally increased the research and development of ** quality fabrics. At the exhibition, Pingyou Fabrics introduced a fabric made of high-elastic fibers made of hemp. The cotton and linen blended walnut pattern and linen Russell twill fabrics from Fukui Warp Knitting are the company’s leading products.

The cotton and linen blended products introduced by Kawasaki Mosuo are soft, colorful, and moist, and have been sold well in the market. The company recently introduced Egyptian ultra-long fiber cotton fabric made from pollution-free raw materials. Hasegawa Trading Co., Ltd. uses cotton, silk and other raw materials to develop hemp products. The hemp fiber consists of 5 and 10 pieces that are processed into a yarn shape. The company plans to promote the product to the wool knitwear market.

Yamazaki made weight reduction and antibacterial processing of polyester fabrics, and the final finished fabric was very soft. In addition, the company also showcased new fabrics with a glittering and silky feel. The fabrics printed and printed on cuprammonium and papyrus are soft and unimaginable. Chung Yee Machine Factory performed cold-sensing processing on the old-fabricated copper-ammonia ultrafine jacquard fabric and improved the fabric width.

MIYASHIN takes the appearance as a development priority. This time, the company launched high-weaving fabrics made of cotton and ramie blends. Fukuda fabrics, which specialize in the processing of fine yarns, are widely recognized for their technological innovation. The 20 and 40 products developed by the company are best-selling products over the years.

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