Hong Kong brand CLOT new concept store in Taiwan Edison Chen preemptive broadcast

Hong Kong brand CLOT has a new move! On October 1, executives Edison Chen and Kevin Poon will join hands with Disney to announce the formal opening of the jointly-authorized Man Is In The Forest in Taipei. Hong Kong brand CLOT on the new concept store in Taiwan Edison Chen preemptive Xian this limited concept store is CLOT and Disney following the Shanghai Man Is In The Forest extension, as always, the store brings together a number of the world's top designers and Disney's joint Planned works include well-known brands and units such as CLOT, X Large, Madsaki, Medicom Toy, SSUR, PAM, 84/74 lab, Vanquish, Bounty Hunter etc. It is the only place in the world to collaborate with Disney and top designers from all over the world . Taipei Man Is In The Forest's new storefront even invited the Japanese flower master Makoto Azuma Mr. East letter personally designed the concept store to Taiwan's friends to show a refreshing surprise, the new store opened with the Traveling Mickey charity art roving exhibition together, the invitation We will jointly experience the new tide of Taiwan in advance. Hong Kong brand CLOT on the new Taiwan concept store Edison Chen preemptive broadcast In celebration of Man Is In The Forest Taipei during the limited-concept store Grand Open and Traveling Mickey charity art exhibition tour, October 1 Edison will serve as a day manager and a Hundreds of fans come to shop for consumer photos, plus a variety of limited products will be introduced the same day: including the long-awaited Alienegra alien word Tee designed by Madsaki, the first exposure of thorns combined with Mickey's opening limited jacket, a very small amount of 84 / 74lab Alice in Wonderland windbreaker coat, SSUR Tee and the hot additional four charity limited Traveling Mickey Tee, the classic Mickey Buzeng Niu Wang and so on, is expected to cause the Xinyi District line-up, squeeze ATT4FUN!

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