Website title optimization four tips

[China Glass Network] (1) Number of title keywords: The number of words for keywords is better than three or three. Otherwise, the weight is too scattered and will not give the keyword a good ranking. This is the principle of cake. A piece of cake is divided into three people, and no one is one-third. If the person who divides the score, the less the cake is.

(2) title keyword selection: the selection of keywords should be a detailed analysis of the industry where the website is located, try to avoid its edge, give full play to the concept of SEO optimization, choose better keywords to set, consider the price-performance keywords, so Can make the stationmaster get a better return through a small price.

(3) Benefit type and brand type title setting: Since the order of the keyword keywords will affect the weight of the keyword, the higher the keyword, the higher the weight given by the previous website, when the website owner who pays attention to the website benefits sets the website It is better to put the website keywords in the front and the brand words in the back (you can also not set the brand words, but Baidu has a preference for the unique website, it is better to set the brand words). The brand-oriented webmaster can put the brand word in the front, and the keyword is placed behind the brand word, which can highlight the website brand, so as to reduce the dependence on the search engine in the process of the later website growth.

(4) Symbol setting between title keywords: The keyword of title is available in the middle, |_ is separated, but I suggest better separation of keywords with English comma, and another: good separation between brand keywords Use|

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