Nike City Do not note version of running gear will take you around the world

With the coming of autumn, the International Marathon is about to start in many cities around the world. As the world's leading running brand, Nike unite world-renowned designer, is about to launch a number of cities do not note version of running gear. This series of products each invite well-known designers from Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Boston to incorporate the culture of running into local iconic elements to design running gear with urban souls. Beijing's city no-foot-print running gear will debut in September alongside cities like Chicago, New York, Berlin and San Francisco. Among them, Nod Young, a designer from China, is famous for his expertise in integrating Chinese culture and Oriental visual aesthetics into modern design. This time he was invited to Beijing's marathon culture as the title of the design work, using the traditional "Chinese Red" paper-cut design style to Peking Opera costumes on the neckline inspired by the Beijing landmark "Drum Tower" and on behalf of China The auspicious clouds and ribbons serve as a backdrop, with eight men and women running in different directions as a symbol of the long-established relationship between running the sport and the historic city of Beijing and its long history in modern life New inspiration infused. In addition, Tara D, a Chicago-based living artist, uses a moving human-shaped cloud and moving ships in the blue sky to wittyly showcase the uniqueness of this city, the world's largest port and the "Windy City" New Performer of Visual Arts Mike Perry, the most penetrating illustrator, gives New York City a colorful and run-like look that exemplifies the modernity and vibrancy of New York City. Berlin-based young artist Mike Friedrich, based on gloom in Berlin, combines mysterious colors with fantastic personalities. And Hannah Stouffer, a well-known female designer from San Francisco, has a feminine embellishment that magically matches the art of the city of San Francisco with a hazy blooming effect. This series of cities do not note version of the equipment in the running shoes use Nike LunarGlide + 3 for blueprint design, its unique dynamic support structure, so that the pace of athletes in the transition transition more smoothly and smooth, excellent cushioning effect and comfort for long distance fans also provided Better support. Running Sept. 28, running enthusiasts will be able to experience these functional and culturally stylish running gear at Begins in Beijing and Shanghai's NPCs as well as the Freestyle Jogging Shop.

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