When wearing high heels, standing around the station most affects the health of women

Dana's gesture can increase the woman's charm. On the contrary, the wrong posture not only causes the woman to lose her elegance, but also inadvertently impairs her health. Among them, 5 kinds of common postures have the greatest influence on women.

The first one is to stand in a high-heeled shoes.

Wearing high-heeled shoes can be tiring, and many women like to set their focus to one side when they are standing, tired and change to the other side. In the long term, it will cause uneven stress on both sides of the lumbar spine, resulting in low back pain.

The correct posture should be that the legs are upright, the calves and the abdomen slightly tightened, the center of gravity is slightly forward, and the eyes are flat in front. If you want to stand for a long period of time, exchange your focus with a "slight interest" movement every 10 minutes.

The second type: You watch TV on the sofa.

When many women watch TV, they like to curl up on the sofa, eating snacks while eating. As everyone knows, this poses a great deal of damage to the body, affecting breathing and digestion. It not only squeezes the viscera but also causes strain on the lumbar muscles.

It is recommended to choose a slightly higher, harder sofa. If the seat is too deep, put a cushion behind your waist.

The third type: Bend back while working.

White-collar family members sit in the office for a long time, sit tired and look at the computer desk for a long time, they become “hungry shrimps” with thoracic humpback, affecting the sense of beauty, and burying hidden dangers for health.

The correct posture is to keep the head and neck upright, the body perpendicular to the ground, and to lean back on the chair.

The fourth type: walk with bow and chest.

Fast-paced life makes a woman rush like a wind all day long, always rushing forward as she walks. In fact, bow and chest affect the heart and lungs.

When walking, it is recommended to look up and let the thigh drive the leg to adopt a “small quick step”, which is conducive to active heart and lung function.

The fifth type: think about issues and ask for help.

It is often seen that some women like to hold a bow and think about various issues. The danger of doing so is to induce back pain and is very detrimental to the cervical spine.

It is recommended that white-collar women walk up when they think of a problem, or place their hands on the back of the neck and reverse the neck to ensure blood flow in the brain.

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