Japan's BONMAX Professional Women's Landing China

Japan's BONMAX Professional Women's Conference was held on October 25 in Beijing 798. This was the first appearance of Japan's BONMAX professional women's landing in China.

BONMAX Japan Co., Ltd. is Japan's largest women's business wear production and sales company, with a hundred years of history, focusing on uniform research, development and sales. Based on years of in-depth research into the needs of uniforms, BONMAX Japan Co., Ltd. has researched and created new business ideas for designing, manufacturing, and sales of uniforms, distinctiveness, practicality, durability, and other special requirements. Business methods to better reflect people-oriented service concept. For this purpose, based on their annual performance and experience, they repeatedly researched materials, sewing processes, and designs, changed the sales methods of zero-industry equipment, and based on individual customization, adopted the establishment of commodity inventory and accepted one. The method of ordering has increased the adaptability to the needs of the strained market, and solved the problem of demand for scattered goods that has been demanded by the demand side in the field of professional equipment. Energize your business. In order to meet the needs of the Chinese market for business women's wear, they set up a warehouse in Tianjin, with ample stocks of goods. The orders for domestic China can be delivered immediately. It is no longer a one-month production cycle, and it accepts one It's like buying clothes in a store. A few days ago, BONMAX Japan Co., Ltd. and Beijing Shirt Rose Rose Garment Co., Ltd. released a cooperation to take the rank of China's clothing designer Liu Wei as the top ten designers. There have been new breakthroughs in the design and application of professional women's wear.

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