Milan Fashion Week Bottega Veneta men and women fall / winter 2012/13 release

Milan local time on January 15, Bottega Veneta (2012) released the latest autumn and winter men's clothing, this season launched a series of tight and restrained clothing, combined with the precise proportions and cut the lines showing the healthier contour. Autumn colors around the espresso brown, tourmaline blue, mahogany color, rust and iron ash, deep school faded. Another bright color, including vibrant sapphire blue, olive green, orange and hot red named Corniola, add industrialization effect. Clothing outline, upper and lower body natural and gentle tailoring, lower body accompanied by narrow-foot pants, shaping the slender body lines. Jacket to Slim flat design-based, or unlined, light as a shirt; or tailor-made, but without shoulder pads. Slim design windbreaker, narrow body suit highlights the refined lines. Dark shirt, embellished with the classic pattern of reconfiguration, outstanding style. There are minimalist refined only the most basic part of the dinner suits, extremely light, and even fold up, included in the briefcase. All suits and dresses are exclusively designed by Bottega Veneta and are made of special wool to give a fresh sense of Old World's "Old Continent." Delicate weave patterns fuzzy dark, dark clothing with dark printing patterns, looks more like the texture of the fabric itself, unique texture effect. Other materials include washable and antique leather, fine wool fleece and soft knitwear, sewn into quality knit shirts and heavy jerseys, accented with irregular stitching patterns. Knitting is the focus of this series, cleverly applied to traditional clothes, bring a little new ideas. Carefully tailored jacket, coupled with knitting embellishment; shirt made of leather and knit stitching; plus a suit plus cardigan jacket, quite a thought. Meticulous sections of the accessories, for the concise collection of men's addition to change and practicality, while containing low-key fashion style. Handbag is both light and soft, but also convenient and practical. Shoes, the classic design has been re-interpreted, between dignified and casual, with more flexible. Including boots and strap shoes, with the same type of jeans or suits. Tomas Maier, creative director, said: "We started to think about the effects of the different ways of making.What do you do when you create a piece of clothing in a whole new way? The main elements of men's wear never change so much, To re-evolve, you have to re-discover what's available. "Bottega Veneta's fall / winter 2011/12 look at how an object's production affects the look, feel and functionality. The traditional men's clothing, such as jackets, banquets and sweaters, in different ways to re-interpretation, including material stitching and the use of different methods of deconstruction, so as to explore more possibilities to create a series of neat and simple neat simplicity and streamlined beauty Fashionable clothing.

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