How to choose a satisfactory wedding bedding

As the pen of the ink of the newlywed bedroom, the young man is now more concerned about the purchase of the color, style and fabric of the bedding, such as quilt cover, pillowcase, bed sheet and pillow, and is hidden in the "set". Little is known about the knowledge of fetal products.

For many young people who are saving money, there are three things to consider when choosing a wedding bedding:

According to the actual situation, consider whether to choose a full set of wedding suits;

According to the economic situation, consider the grade of wedding bedding;

Then consider the coordination with the home decoration style, and choose the style and color tone according to your own preferences.

In this article, Golden Sun introduces you to the details of buying wedding bedding from four aspects.

Purchase principle

Practical and green and healthy.

From a practical point of view, the purchase of a 4-piece bedding package makes it easier to clean up.

The core is best to choose natural materials, such as the silk quilts that have been popular in recent years, and the four seasons are available.

Others such as wool quilts and duvets are good for our healthy sleep.

Material selection

Cotton is the most commonly used and most suitable.

Most of the current bedding products are made of 40 yarns of combed cotton.

The plain and twill are smooth and soft, suitable for spring and summer. The brushed and satin fabrics are warm, and are best used in autumn and winter.

Brand and quality

About one-third of a person's life is spent in bed, so the quality of bedding directly affects people's physical health and mental state.

Therefore, we must choose the products produced by the brand manufacturers and qualified. At the same time, comfort is also important to consider.

Size and color

The size should be determined according to the already bought bed and living habits. Some couples are used to one person, one person, and the other is a double person.

In addition, you need to prepare two more sets of rooms.

When you are newly married, people will get used to buying a set of big red bedding, which is a feast.

In normal times, you can choose the type of floral or light color, and you will feel warm when you return home.

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