Clothes with Qinxiang remind you - three major parts of women's brands to join need attention

At present, more and more people have sprung up to do the business of apparel business. Among them, the women's franchise boom is extremely hot. For the average operator, many people are not very understanding of the apparel industry, for the details of the franchise is little understood. Therefore, the cases of being cheated or failed abound. If you want to be a party, we must first understand this line. The following clothes with Qinxiang】 【For some to say about the brand women to join the note:

First, the product part:

1, product style is suitable for the local market, the local competition for such products how?

2, product prices in the shopping district you choose the competitive advantage?

3, product integrity, continuity how? Look at a few years ago with the product after the season

4, clear positioning it?

5, product quality and price gap?

6, or choose a number of different styles of brand companies do inspection.


Second, the manufacturer part:

1, credit how?

2, the production base of shipping capacity?

3, operating strength how?

4, the current situation of the store business, and sales policies, especially with your city close to the shop how?

5, profit margins and manufacturers pay more attention to price protection?

6, service support is more or only a little bit, the success of the novice difference between the great difference. However, education and training are indispensable management procedures for modern businesses. Only in this way can staff quality be improved. There is really no way at least to know how to improve performance and service customers.


Third, the shop part:

1, location: grasp the "passenger flow" is the "money flow" principle, the location of the dress shop is very important, almost determines the store's living conditions. Under normal circumstances, women will choose to focus on the clothing store shopping mall and shopping street, because there are more clothes to choose from, there are more. This is also determined by women's shopping psychology. So you should consider choosing the former.

In fact, a good site of high rent is not formed a day or two, nor is it free to raise, it is the landlord and the landlord in the long-term profit sharing into a contract, the rent is high to the renter no money to earn, So no matter how good the facade can not be rented out. Can be seen, although a good store money, but under normal circumstances, earn money will greatly exceed the rent, and there is profitable.

2, imports should be open, you can better publicize the shop, the most important thing is the promotion of women's clothing in the shop, other ads like you can save. To consider whether customers are free to visit the store, comfortable to browse the goods, the main line of action in more than 1.2M.

3, rent and lease: Indeed, high rent increased operating costs, but also increased operating pressure and risk, you must have a good investment projects , look at the space to do the business of gold Pu shop. If you do not have diamonds, do not take porcelain live. If it is not enough initial funding, and other regions also have good stores, as long as they can operate properly, it is equally profitable.

4, passenger flow statistics and business forecast, competition in the same industry: the main business performance of the situation, the price level of goods.

Examining the business performance of similar stores in the same lot can initially measure the possible profitability of leasing this storefront and examining their commodity price level in order to determine their own future commodity prices accordingly. These are all very necessary.
5, design and effectiveness should do a good job, do not do for the province 5000 and not to do, the store for clothing, not just sales of places, but also a show of personality. Store design style, props, lighting and so on are to express the quality of clothing, clothing added value, and to employees and customers with a pleasant feeling.

Exterior lighting and cabinet shop window is also important in recent years, the various brands focus, dressing room: I must mention the place, dressing room can be said to determine whether clothing can be sold out an important part, so be sure to pay attention to details , It is recommended to pay attention to the issue of privacy; put a pair of more convenient to wear high heels; can be taken to the head of the mirror and comb; coat hook and stool This is something that has long been said.

Be aware of the part, in addition to a complete understanding of the market, there are:

1, or to personally, that is, we often say your vision is better

2, the first purchase to be good, do not blindly into too many goods

3, choose the direction and then work hard, you know what you want? What does the market need?

4, more ways to find ways to prepare more, remember: there are more than three ways to solve each matter !!

5, fully funded , this is an essential backing for success

6, the best season to start before the season

7, the opening date of the choice on Friday six seven, or during the holiday season

8, planning partners and sales partners to be careful choice

9, financial statistical analysis must be done, in fact, you just ask you to do a daily report yet? More than 85% of the women operators will tell you no. Not to mention doing product analysis and customer acquisition analysis, so that all things are probably or exaggerated.

In fact, more details still need to grasp the part, or that experience is more important

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