2012 shoes and bags latest **** micro analysis

Recently, "Logistics" magazine and Guangzhou Hawthorn Market Research Co., Ltd. jointly launched the "Satisfaction Survey of Online Shopping Habits and Distribution Services" shows that clothing is still the main commodity that consumers purchase on the Internet, in addition to shoes and bags. The proportion of consumers in online transactions in digital and other areas is also increasing.

The effective data collected after conducting a telephone survey of nearly 3,000 citizens in Guangzhou shows that the proportion of the people who purchased apparel on the Internet in the most recent year was as high as 70.6%, ranking first in concentration and far surpassing other categories of goods. Explain that clothing products will play an important role in increasing sales on e-commerce websites.

As the product with the highest degree of relevance to the clothing category, the shoe and bag products ranked second behind, and the percentage of online shoppers who purchased it in the past year was 37.5%. In the past, consumers purchased clothes and shoes worried that the product quality styles on the Internet did not match the text descriptions. However, with the increase in express delivery services, the advantages of online clothing prices are pushing more customers onto the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that 86.8% of the people who bought things on Taobao within a year are high, and the achievements made by Shoe.com are also very good.


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