Septwolves: to enter the third-tier cities to deepen the retail transformation

In 2011, Fujian Septwolves Industrial Co., Ltd. achieved operating income of 2.92 billion yuan, total profit of 490 million yuan and net profit of 410 million yuan, up by 32.89%, 43.91% and 45.61% over the previous year respectively. During the reporting period, Septwolves net increased 451 terminal channels, of which 309 were net additions of franchised stores, 142 were net increases of direct stores and 142,000 franchisees were directly supervised. The total net addition of shops and outlets was about 50,000 square meters. As of December 31, 2011, a total of 3976 terminal channels. During the reporting period, on the basis of maintaining the dominance of Tier II cities, Septwolves stepped up their investment in cities below Tier 3 and below, accounting for about 49% of newly opened outlets in the reporting period. At the same time, on the basis of strong street stores, department stores and store shops in Commercial Plaza in the city have also become the focus of efforts. By the end of 2011, the two parts accounted for about 30% of the total number of channels in the company, Enhance. Septwolves long-term development strategy, adhere to the brand apparel marketing as the core industry, focus on resources to strengthen the company in fashion brand building and marketing, product design and development, sales channel construction and supply chain management advantages, expand product sales and market share , To create a strong brand in China's casual men's operating company. The medium-term development strategy is to concentrate resources on the construction of sales channels and industrial chain management, deepen the internal management of the company, promote the sales revenue scale and improve the industrial chain management level. In 2012, the company's core business objectives are: to cope with the macroeconomic environment, deepen the reform of internal retail business, promote standardized retail experience, initially form a retail format, and ensure steady growth.

Cvc Percale Fabric

The CVC Percale Fabric refer to a fine closely woven polycotton plain fabric, which has a thread count of about 200 or higher and is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bed sheets. It is firm and smooth with no gross and washes very well. Because it is woven by polyester yarns and cotton yarns, the polycotton percale fabric is strong, wrinkle and tear-resistant, and reduce shrinkage. There is CVC percale bleached fabric, Cvc Percale Dyed Fabric and Cvc Percale Printed Fabric.

Our company, Shijiazhuang Guangda Textile Co., Ltd mainly weaves the CVC percale fabric using 40s-120s yarns, from 200T to 1000T, in 183cm, 250cm, 280cm, 300cm and 315cm width. And then we bleach or dye or print the CVC percale fabric and roll on hard paper tubes, cover with plastic bags outside then pack in woven polyester bags. We always use the CVC percale fabric to make sheets, fitted sheets, Duvet Covers and Pillowcase Slips for home, hotel and hospital.

CVC Percale Fabric

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