Into the snow and the world to feel the warmth of love - Kakayu "Snow and Ice Dating" Winter 2012 new conference

June 10, 2012 Jiuhua Villa 17th arrondissement A was crowded with the arrival of the 2012 winter new product release ceremony of the "Ice Love Agreement" at the Kachi House. More than 700 well-known news media, clothing associations and more than 700 franchisees from China's fashion industry, children's wear elites from all over China, gathered in this stylish storm to meet. Dazzling unique stage design with novel and unique props, coupled with ingenuity of the stage layout and lighting effects, to create a Kachi House unique ice stage. Warm and yet stylish, childlike but without losing the innocence, dazzling and without losing the charm of the Kach House "Snow love agreement" winter new catwalk was officially opened at 20 o'clock. Kaki house models who live vividly for everyone to interpret a brilliant, fabulous bright fashion show. It is reported that Cage House, the order will also invite the China Fashion Association Professional Model Committee chairman Zhang ship as the new dynamic fashion show planning, the chief executive of stage design, and served as the director of the entire catwalk . In terms of scale, effectiveness, or industry influence have reached an unprecedented height. The orders will subvert the past Kach House orders will precedent in the fashion industry has set off a wave of wind craze. The new release card Kaki House to "Snow love agreement" as the theme, launched the 2012 winter "retro series - fantasy journey", "Symphony Series - Fantasy Fantastic" "cool series - Autumn Prelude" Three series and spring 2013 series of more than 800 products, all products not only close to the current trend, using a large number of fashion elements, but also from the details, color, fabric, style and other design breakthroughs stereotypes, refreshing. Based on the accurate grasp of the international fashion trend and the deep understanding of children's psychology, the designers of Kakayu House enrich the chic materials and fine craftsmanship. Through the wonderful and abstract elements with the details of alternative decorations and brilliant prints, Delicate hand-inlaid, gorgeous elegant romantic style, coordinated color matching, the children lively and innocent nature and fashion, the elements of health clever fusion, so that children wearing Cage House products show their hands and feet between the fresh and handsome, Bright and elegant, natural and generous fashion. The Kaki House 2012 winter new amazing debut, so many dealers, franchisees and media friends feast for the eyes, Catch House fashion trend captured the hearts of fashion people, have a lot of Kagaya House creative design full of praise. Kakayu House 2012 "Snow love agreement" winter new conference on the people's emotions slowly ended. Guangzhou Cage House Fashion Co., Ltd. to "lead a new fashion children's clothing" for the corporate mission, every fashion are permeated with the fashion of the Serendipity luxury and beauty, fashion, personality, cool in one, fashion Without losing the warmth, childlike innocence in the atmosphere, the coexistence of fashion and health, popular and practical parallel. Since the brand was founded in 2004, it has established more than 500 terminal sales outlets in more than 300 large and medium-sized cities and regions in nearly 20 provinces and cities nationwide, occupying a place in China's children's wear market. With the innocent fashion charm and high quality terminal network of Kakayu House, we have reason to believe that Kakayu House will become the No.1 brand of Chinese children's wear in the near future!

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