The wave of men's clothing autumn and winter 2012 trend - wave than when the leather articles

In today's society, men who understand fashion and have unique insights from dressing to life style can be considered superior. Langby Jewelry 2012 Fall Winter Collection continues to implement the brand's leisure characteristics, integrating men's trend concepts, modern life and product design, and manual craftsmanship to create an elite image for men with style and to convey fashionable and elegant information for men. Lang ratio leather joining agent: http://LongBrigs/
Leather shoes
In addition to keeping the original vintage color, this season's wave than shoes, but also added a relatively bright light color and high purity color. In the material as much as possible to do patterns, not only cortex and fabric splicing, but also stressed the natural beauty of leather and the effect of processing after the comparison. Under the influence of military uniforms, leather boots became the first highlight of this season's men's wear. Words such as strapless, narrow and slender will be completely subverted in this fall and winter, and replaced by straps, wider and thicker men. Boots style; In addition, the intentionally worn old color on the leather surface of the toe is also one of the key. The material of orthodox men's shoes is still leather-based, whether it is matte or matte surface has its own unique way of matching, whether it is business elite men, or type locomotive male, in the wave than when you can easily access the following options.
There is no doubt that bags are an indispensable must for urban men. The season's new bag styles are simple, elegant appearance and practical and compatible design, so that those old-fashioned and stereotyped men also accepted the idea of ​​taking the bag around. This season's bag has a lot of brains to deal with the cortex treatment, bright surface treatment or matte treatment have their own advantages, leather and fabric stitching unique heart and heart, even the woven texture of the bag, the sewing process of the bag edge is also layered . One-shoulder diagonal canvas bags have once again become a hotspot, with super large space storage function, embellished with simple and clear lines, and a perfect texture instantly.
Wallet category
A small wallet can convey the owner’s identity, personality and taste. This season's purse adopts a rigid and soft design style and a new style of pure handmade craft, advocating practical, reliable, beautiful, long-lasting, and this concept is implemented in the design and production, set the fashion and function in one purse to stand out. The material uses dark brown and yellow soft leather, with a variety of skin textures. In addition to creating a stylish appearance, the interior also takes full account of the design of the space capacity. Card positions and photo frames are simple and neat. The ingenious little detail processing, zipper decoration, and embossed pattern all show that the traditional purse communicates under the low-profile appearance and people's thoughts are less than that.
Belt type
The belt is a must-have accessory for a man's waist. A suitable pair of casual trousers is complemented by a belt that complements each other. Just like the show field, it instantly adds another charm to the waist. The 2012 autumn and winter wave than when the grand launch: brown single-leaf leather fight brass alloy buckle, highlighting the nostalgic sense also added a Western style; tree paste leather fight stainless steel world buckle, passed the man's upright and low-key character; stainless steel pin buckle spell head Layered leather is the first choice for men who are keen on classics but still calm. Men's belts have not changed much. In this season, it is full of brilliance, creative waistband, excellent texture, plus more Yuan’s choice of width and width, so that this season's men show their waist charm!
With the return of pragmatism, a variety of fancy decorative elements gradually receded, simple and clean lines and low-key luxury leather is enough, concise elegance is the 2012 autumn and winter wave when the leather key words. During this season, Lambie will always carry out the casual style and elegance. The product range is all-encompassing. The classic, modern, warm and subtle, are included in it to meet the requirements of the diversified fashion men's collocation, suitable for any occasion. Cover every corner of life.
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