How do you manage to control green alliances?

It is slow and difficult for a brand to become bigger and stronger. Investment promotion and franchise can quickly increase brand awareness and expand market share. Investors value the development potential of the brand, but their lack of market experience and the ability to take risks, but want to join to do the brand is foggy. Is there a good marketing strategy that allows both brands and sellers to have lower risks and greater profits? The answer is yes, that is the joint venture model.

A few days ago, men's wear brand BEAMART “Butterfly Change 2012” autumn and winter new product launch was held in Beijing. Yang Weidong, Chairman of Beijing Yiyi Clothing Co., Ltd., and Qi Wenyuan, General Manager, together with more than 100 dealers and directly-operated store managers from all over the country, gathered together representatives of upstream suppliers and released 2012 marketing strategy. As the theme, it focuses on the innovation and improvement of the "Green Alliance Affiliate System" and implementation of "3 0" store operation modes. The conference is centered on “magnificent transformation and transformation into butterflies”, which aims to pursue the breakthrough of brand image and the promotion of brand value. Its theme is "returning to nature". It promotes the comfortable and fashionable human life as the concept of the brand. It has launched two product lines of fashion business series and fashion urban series. The three major themes are retro traverse, fashion environmental protection and self-motivation. Product development direction.

Yang Weidong, the chairman of the association, joined the “Clothel Times” reporter: “The fashion brand's operation mode is mostly the order buyout system, and the marketing strategy of the green joint venture will accelerate the conversion of the costumes. According to reports, most of the men's wear brands currently operating on the market are operating under the buyout system, which has a profit margin of around 50%, a gross margin of around 30%, and at the same time, they must bear inventory risks, financial risks, and experience. Risk and so on. The profit margin of the green joint venture model introduced by the conversion is about 35% (up to 40%). The gross profit of the store is: 35% to 40%. The advantage is that the inventory risk, capital risk and experience risk are almost zero.

When talking to the "clothing Times" reporter about the new model of clothing marketing - green associates, the general manager of Beijing's conversion clothing Co., Ltd. said: "The value of goods is divided into basic values ​​- cloth and line, tangible value - Style, workmanship, intangible value, brand, store, service, etc. The purpose of branding is to convert intangible value into tangible price. To make the brand sell well, it is necessary to make the product value for money, so that the value will be greater than price."

Speaking of why this new marketing strategy was introduced, Min Wenyuan first analyzed the current clothing business risk to the “clothing times” reporter. “The first is the inventory problem. There are fewer orders, fear of influencing sales, more orders, and fear of backlog inventory. The second is the problem of funds, if the sales are not good will affect the purchase, can not enter new goods, sales worse, forming a vicious cycle; if the sales are good, if you worry about the inventory overstock, not more stock, sales will stagnate; Investment, then the store is bound to become larger, the goods become more, the sales are also high, but no profit, because they are all put into the store operations.The third is the management issues, ordering, sales, promotions, inventory processing, funds management Time, but also test the ability, whether or not to do a good job is a problem many franchisees worry about.” So, in this market context, the conversion of the “Green Alliance” marketing strategy is a mutually beneficial move.

Yu Wenyuan also gave a detailed explanation for the “Green Alliance”. "Which '3 0' characteristic policies are 0 stocks - the company's ownership is controlled by the company's unified management, and the franchisee's inventory is fully recovered; 0 risk - the renovation shelf is supported by the conversion and the stock of goods is also borne by the conversion. , Franchisees have no investment, no backlog; 0 troubles - conversion companies in the management of the company's unified management of various affairs, eliminating the franchisee to choose goods, orders, rejection of goods and a series of trivial affairs." In addition, Yu Wenyuan also talked about the "green The characteristics of “jointly joining”, “the conversion relationship between the converts and the franchisees becomes a cooperative relationship”. In the mode of joint venture, the franchisee provides the stores, and the converts provide the goods, and the two parties become the cooperative relationship divided by retail; , Party B becomes Party A--Affiliate joining model, franchisee is equivalent to open a shopping mall, converted as a brand merchant, according to sales to pay 40% of the mall deduction points, and many well-established shopping mall deduction points That is, 23%-30%; ordinary franchisees can become entrepreneurs, because in the order buyout mechanism, open a shop is easy, open 10 stores is difficult, and in the green associate mode, open 100 stores = open 1 shop."

Six-Meng Shen Jian Wen Yuan also told the "clothing Times" reporters about the new marketing strategy of the conversion of 2012 - Six Pulses.

First Sword: System Sword. The original marketing model is like regional autonomy, and now it is a centralized form; the original is the individual workshop model, and now is the assembly line operation; the original is a guerrilla, and now is the group army operations.

Second Sword: Pattern Sword. The clothing store will be changed to a boutique supermarket. The general merchandise in the clothing store will be numerous and miscellaneous, and the environment will be more chaotic. It will give people the impression of low product quality and low price. The boutique supermarkets attract new consumers by paving the way for new styles, choices, display, high quality, and affordable prices. At the same time, the original self-operated shop model, franchisees are afraid of squeezing inventory, risk, and now changed to a green pool zero inventory, zero risk, zero trouble.

The third sword: brand sword. The brand positioning fashion casual, between fashion and leisure.

Fourth Sword: Image sword. The image of the store is the image of the brand. In order to highlight the brand features and enhance the brand image, the conversion will focus on the decoration of the store, product display, shopping guide service, etc., so that the store's image will be renewed and the four modernizations will be built, ie, cleansing, Neat, standardized and beautified.

Fifth Sword: Management Sword. Management is crucial to the development of the brand. Therefore, we must further standardize, standardize, and institutionalize management, use professional people to do professional things, and pay attention to systems and mutual cooperation.

Sixth Sword: Quality Sword. The quality of the brand, the product quality and strive for value for money; at the same time, we must also pay attention to the quality of the shop, and they will choose to create a diamond shop in prime locations. The last and most important thing is the quality of the company. The goal of conversion is not to maximize, but to be optimal.

Yu Wenyuan summarized the history of Chinese men's wear: business formal wear, business leisure and sports. “The future will be a market that focuses on fashion and leisure. Therefore, it is the first brand of casual men's wear in China that is not fancy fashion, business is not stereotyped, and noble and inexpensive,” said Yan Wenyuan with confidence.

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