Suya show brand women show elegant and gentle feminine qualities

"Su Ya show" women learn Western fashion elements, combined with the elegant and subtle Eastern women's temperament, clever use of color matching, decent style and exquisite craftsmanship to show the elegant, gentle characteristics of women. Mature without losing the youthful charm, intellectual implies romantic elegance.


Su Ya Xiu advocates the new life of freedom, beauty, health and sophistication. It locates the terminal market in intellectual, fashion and distinguished urban women, embodies the beautiful connotation of fashion and beauty with the times, advocates modern women's pursuit of romance, independence and freedom, Positive and healthy lifestyle.


Style design are mostly reference to the European, South Korea, Japan and other popular trends, strive to meet the target customers to pursue fashion, sexy, confident aesthetic needs. Uphold the spirit of leading the fashion of goods, the use of rich colors and simple and stylish design elements, with elegant version of the craft, superb manufacturing technology, in the show fashion, sexy at the same time, to provide customers a comfortable wearing experience.

Material: Nylon Hook loop & EVA foam or rubber.

Features and usage:

1) Wrap strap around out of the ski, securing together with the skis and easy to carry.

2) Any color, any size & LOGO printing acceptable upon customers' request.

3) Hook and Loop design makes the Ski Straps flexible and adjustable.

4) All of the Cross Country Ski straps have passed ROHS&SGS, in line with the European environmental protection standards.

5) Specification: 50X440MM, 40X440MM, 40X480MM, 55X135MM, 57X136MM, 75X140MM...,

any size can be customized as per buyers' request.

6) Alpine Ski Strap protects your ski bottoms and keep your skis together while you carry them.

We recommend using two ski ties per ski set. Place a strap at each point where the bases

contact, to prevent scratches and maintain the correct shape of the ski bases.

MOQ :1000pcs

Ski Strap

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