Ai Vedado baby clothing brand more than a baby child's heart

i.DoeBo Ai Dido is a brand new baby clothing, lock in the metropolitan high-end consumer layer, located in the higher consumer market, and is committed to providing the latest fashion, comfort and style with international style and design. i.DoeBo Knowing your child's needs and your parents' requirements, Arvind using the most secure, comfortable, durable and high-quality material, with precise details, accessories, dyes and fabrics, is guided by the goal of practicing creativity and imagination , To the real business, produce the best quality products. i.DoeBo will uphold the "more than a baby child's heart" business purposes, to the highest standards, view each piece labeled "i.DoeBo" brand of clothes, so that consumers completely satisfied, peace of mind, wear out of fashion and Value, create an infinite future for children. i.DoeBo Ai DuoDuo design is original, not just follow the trend of the moment, through the trend of research and analysis of the overall industry, in line with market value, but also exclusive i.DoeBo unique baby clothing, showing The nature of infants and young children to meet the natural, lively, happy and adventurous nature of the child as the design of the original intention to insist on childlike design does not make the design direction has been i.DoeBo adhere to and establish the goal.

    Genuine Raccoon fur
    Brand latest design fashion decoration
    Natural Raccoon fur
    OEM/ODM service is available

    Size and color could be customized as your requests

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