Shanghai clothing quality exposure H&M, ZARA re-boarding quality inspection “black list”

Recently, Shanghai's industrial and commercial departments have concentrated on organizing the quality inspection of fast-fashion clothing sold by some shopping malls, supermarkets, and brand stores. After testing, 43 batches of goods failed. Among them, "H&M", "VEROMODA", "ZARA", "G2000WOMEN", "NewBalance" and other well-known brand apparel all appear in the exposed "Quality Inspection Black List".

Recently, Shanghai's industrial and commercial departments have concentrated on organizing the quality inspection of fast-fashion clothing sold by some shopping malls, supermarkets, and brand stores. After testing, 43 batches of goods failed. Among them, "H&M", "VEROMODA", "ZARA", "G2000WOMEN", "NewBalance" and other famous brands all appeared in the exposure "black list".

The reporters found that the places where the unqualified goods were exposed include Huijin Department Store, Jiuhai Parkson, Pacific Department Store, Hong Kong Exchange Plaza, Festival Walk, Bao Daxiang, and Yaohan First Affiliate, covering shirts and jeans. , T-shirts, dresses, jackets and other clothing. The main problems of unqualified products include excessive pH value, unsatisfactory color fastness, unqualified cleft palate, inaccurate fiber content, and nonstandard product marks. Among them, two batches of "ZARA" unqualified garments were "accepted for rectification and re-examination."

For these unqualified product batches, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Department has requested the relevant merchants to leave.

Some brands have repeatedly appeared on the "black list"

Among the unqualified products exposed, there are many famous apparel brands such as “H&M”, “ZARA”, “VEROMODA” and “G2000WOMEN”. Among them, a “H&M” brand casual top with sleeveless seams and hemlines “fabric yarn slippage” was judged as unqualified; a “G2000WOMEN” women's casual shirt was judged as unqualified.

"ZARA" and "VEROMODA" brands were exposed in two batches of clothing. Among them, a “ZARA” windproof jacket has poor wet fastness to rubbing and color fastness, and a “ZARA” Bermuda short has poor wet fastness to rubbing; a “VEROMODA” top is resistant to moisture and rubbing. The color fastness, unqualified cleavage, and the fiber content of a "VEROMODA" skirt were not acceptable.

In addition, there is a "NewBalance" men's knitted vest fiber content is not qualified; a "SCOFIELD" ladies shirt alkali fastness to perspiration, such as unsatisfactory.

According to the reporter’s investigation, in fact, fast fashion brands such as “ZARA” and “H&M” have become familiar faces in the quality “black list”, and they have been listed on the list of unqualified products of the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administration and Quality Supervision Department for many times. . In January 2007, a “ZARA” skirt was exposed by the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Department due to formaldehyde content exceeding twice the allowable value; in August 2009, a “ZARA” women's sandal was judged as unqualified by the business sector; in 2010 In January, a baby jacket/jacket of “ZARAbaby” was exposed due to poor color fastness; in January 2012, a knitted sweater from H&M’s “DIVIDCD” brand was placed on the “black list” due to unqualified fiber content. .

Nearly half of unqualified products are easy to cross-color

Of the 43 batches of unqualified products exposed by the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Department, 21 were unacceptable in color fastness, accounting for 48.8% of the total. The unsatisfactory color fastness directly affects the quality and normal wear of textiles, such as shampooing with other clothes, easily stains the color, and brings unnecessary losses to consumers.

At the same time, there were 11 batches of unqualified products, accounting for 25.6% of the total number of unqualified products. Cleft palate has become a major complaint item. It is mainly manifested in the cracking of garments at the bottom of the sleeves, side seams and back seams. In order to pursue tailoring effects, fast fashion garments often overlook the actual wearing performance of fabrics. In addition, there are five batches of pH value exceeded, 16 batches of fiber content name is not true, three batches of product logo is not standardized.

The industrial and commercial department reminds consumers that when choosing fast-fashion clothing, it is necessary to pay attention to the mark, such as fabric composition, safety category, quality level, specification and model, implementation standards, and washing instructions. Similar products should be selected from the aspects of price, fabrics, workmanship, brand awareness, and reputation of the manufacturers. During the purchase, first smell the smell, the national standards, textiles are not allowed musty, oily, fishy smell, aromatic hydrocarbons and other odor; see if there is a needle hole and other joint quality problems.

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