Baodi home textile decryption baby summer sleep coup

The baby's sleep quality directly affects growth and development. Children with good sleep are quick to respond, have strong learning ability, are less mistaken, and have strong energy. However, in summer, the baby is easily affected by many factors, which affects the quality of sleep, such as rising temperature, mosquito breeding, etc. How to avoid these sleep disturbance factors, so that the baby can sleep well every day? Brand Home Textiles Baoji Home Textiles today reveals the secrets of summer baby's exclusive sleep.

Mat: the best mat for your baby - rattan seats

Baodi home textile decryption baby summer sleep coup

Ice silk ancient rattan

Rattan seats have the effect of "warm and cool blood, go to the spleen and fire", and have excellent sleep effects for both children and the elderly. Infants and young children are also best to sleep on the vine seats, because their body temperature regulation function is weak, the adaptability to cold and heat is poor, bamboo mats are often easy to make it cool.

Pillow: the best pillow for your baby - buckwheat pillow

Baodi home textile decryption baby summer sleep coup

Buckwheat pillow

Many babies are "steamed" and their heads are especially sweaty, especially in the back of the head. There is a lot of sweat on the head, and the scalp will itch. Even if the baby is asleep, he will scratch his head and sleep. The buckwheat pillow is breathable and good for the baby's cervical spine. It won't be too hard or too soft. It is best for the baby.

Anti-mosquito: the most suitable anti-mosquito tool for your baby - mosquito net

Baodi home textile decryption baby summer sleep coup

Mosquito nets are still environmentally-friendly and effective anti-mosquito tools. As long as they are used correctly, the anti-mosquito effect is still very good, and it can also effectively prevent the baby from falling from the bed or bruising. If the baby is sleeping with his parents and the parents don't like the mosquito net, you can prepare a foldable mosquito net for the baby.

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