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CC & DD "CC & DD" logo is composed of the letters "C", "C", "D" and "D", originating from the brand name CINDY, abbreviation of CANDICE sister names, which contains concise and atmospheric International temperament; LOGO overall deformation of the crown graphics, with a rich British style.


Shanghai Hill · Court Clothing Co., Ltd was established in 1998, is committed to providing intellectual women with fashion and dress culture.
The company has more than 10 years of women's operating experience. In 1998, its brand "sunnycoast" since the market, very popular. In operation, the company deeply recognizes the importance of partners for brand development and has always been building a brand support system based on the principle of win-win cooperation with partners so as to minimize the risks of partners. Such as the implementation of not less than six orders a year, the product band by market segments based on the mode of operation of goods to effectively reduce dealer inventory; the implementation of key marketing depth marketing strategy to help dealers quickly expand outlets and digest goods; the same time, Companies to import the relevant agencies to accelerate the establishment of products, marketing and management as the core operating system, a professional model for market development and maintenance, counseling distribution partners scientific operation.

展示浓郁的英伦风情 CC&DD女装

In 2006, the company successfully obtained the agency rights of CC & DD brand in China from CC & DDINVESTMENT LIMITED. Based on the multiple product planning centers in Shanghai and Xiamen, the company expanded YAYACHEN as its core team of designers and buyers so that CC & DD not only has internationalized products, but also grasps the characteristics of the Chinese market more accurately.

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