Haijia Shi 2012 new sandals promotions big move, than buy also value

In order to boost the July sales promotion, add surprises to customers, yesterday 2012 Haijia Shi women 's new sandals a full price adjustment promotion, really make you an unexpected cost-effective! The beauty of our direct sales shop received a notice of price adjustment have fried pot, have put away their favorite long time no willing to start the baby. Ha ha


Haijia Shi brand women each quarter will match a small amount of footwear, chains, bags and other accessories sold in our direct sales outlets, the number of small and fine, on the one hand is to facilitate customers to try fitting clothes, on the other hand, of course To promote joint sales 啦. Moreover, you can also enrich the store's category, so that clothing stores seem angry.

So, ladies and gentlemen ladies franchisee friends, you have to pay attention to it, for their own store to add a little embellishment of color it! Exquisite new sandals, fashion bags, wild waist chain necklaces bracelets, etc., but The quality must be good, especially the quality of shoes, bags must be even higher than the sea Jia Shi clothing quality or a little higher grade. The price side can make a little less, parity sold to customers, the map is an atmosphere Well.


We all know that a woman is born with impulsiveness to get around what she likes, so once she has found a great, super-lovable baby in her store, she will feel very impressed with your store Deep, and even volunteered to help you promote her sisters, hehe is actually a small show off ^ _ ^.

Moreover, we have to admit, usually a woman's clothes really wear a pair of high heels after the effect is not very different, although we will prepare a pair of fitting shoes, but often we have not carefully selected taste is not ?

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