"Qian Si Man" young women's fashion to build China's well-known brands

Hangzhou Haiting Garments Co., Ltd. is a modernized apparel company integrating design, production and marketing. We will adhere to the concept of "customer's trust is the most valuable meaning of the enterprise", actively promote various products and services, Improve product quality and brand competitiveness, to maximize service to the public. Efforts to make its " Qian Si Man " young fashion women's brand into China's well-known.


The dawn of the new century, the WTO's challenge - "Thinks people" to its mission to expand the Chinese market, will be fully engaged in more targeted consumer groups position, in the rapid development of China's new economy will also be uniquely used Environmental advantages, combined with foreign trends and technology development and production, careful decision-making, long-term planning, try to enrich and improve all-round product distribution network, to achieve "based in China, towards Asia," the grand goal.

“千思蔓”年轻时尚女装 打造中国的知名品牌

The company is now fully committed to product development, channel network system, the establishment of terminal profit model and lay a win-win concept with each partner based on ideas, mutual benefits and common development, and strive to build the brand in three years as China's most Popularity, reputation, degree of preference one of the women's brands .

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