A / E Brand Fashion Interpretation Donna Karan 2013 Spring-Summer New York show

• designer Donna Karan (Donna Karan) to New York City in her eyes, "romantic", into the name "Sunrise Sunset •" • Donna Karan (Donna Karan) 2013 spring and summer women's series, there is no sharp tough line , Soft, drape drape femininity, gently wrapped the female body. So casual, exquisite and lovely emotion is the brand style that Liannou Fashion A / E brand positioning, and a contemporary demand for lifestyle and living conditions. A / E brand fashion expectations bring the casual with the casual, detached clothing fashion sense, but also committed to bringing the wearer new transformation and rebirth.


[Donna Karan 2013 Spring / Summer Women's Collection]

Lianu A / E ---- APPAREL EDIT from France, since the chief designer Lin Tinglan Rex KinG Lin settled in mainland China, promoting the A / E brand in mainland China market development, with a keen sense of touch maintained with the international fashion trend Synchronization, A / E brand integration of the international quarterly popular elements and a variety of popular style. In the spring / summer 2013 fashion trends in New York Fashion Week you can see the A / E brand high-grade fashion design positioning, and the trend of the advanced prediction ability. A large number of small amount of product combinations and high quality service standards has attracted countless fashion brand franchisee a high degree of pro-Lai.

A/E品牌时装解读唐娜•凯伦(Donna Karan)2013春夏纽约秀场

[2012A / E autumn and winter lookbook]

A / E interpretation of the Donna Karan 2013 spring and summer women's show, we can see the beige jacket and waist skirt with sun sets after the sunrise, pierced transparent skirt, sequined evening dress Is the temptation after sunset. In such a poetic way, the Donna Karan Spring / Summer 2013 series of New York sunrise and sunset is depicted.

A/E品牌时装解读唐娜•凯伦(Donna Karan)2013春夏纽约秀场

[2012A / E autumn and winter lookbook]

Together with A / E, shows the women's self-confidence, beauty and expression of the role of deduction, and the wisdom of taste for the body of multiple brand positioning glitzy style.Thus the same brand with three themes ------ Casual (casual) , Delicate soft (sexy), stylish modern (modern) professional design and design with. A / E2012 autumn and winter new products such a rich fashion feast will arouse the resonance of your heart?

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