Rimula K-BOXING Men's high fashion jacket leader in China

Rimula men uphold the core values ​​of "a person can do a good job all one's life," focused on Jackie 31 years of development, has been focused, professional, focused on the jacket as the core category of men's market, "Style Design Leading "and" Rich Edition Experience "to gain a good reputation from consumers, and become the flagship brand of Chinese business casual men's wear through superb leading product research and development design, strong brand operation management, robust and complete monopoly sales system. Rimula Men is the National Standardization Technical Committee clothing jacket secretary of the standard-setting group of enterprises responsible for the national standard jackets revision responsibility; Rimula Men and China Fashion Color Association jointly set up a "Chinese jacket color R & D base" is China's jacket industry innovation and fashion Competitive incubation base. Facing the future and facing the world, Rimula men always adhere to the core values ​​of "One man can make one thing a lifetime," and always insists on the brand mission of "leading Chinese jackets to the world" and endeavor to create "the first brand of Chinese men's clothing, The world's first brand of jackets, "is committed to achieving the" centennial Rimula, Everlasting "grand ambitions.

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Aluminum Cald steel wire Mesh

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