LA PRAZL Women's restrained fashion, quiet elegance

Renowned for its sleek, sophisticated elegance, LA PRAZL is known for its distinctive artistry, extraordinary quality and distinctive taste. It is considered to be a young, elegant and representative brand with lines and details. LA PRAZL will be exquisite details and classical ornate cut new interpretation of the more fashionable feminine beauty, but also the depth of the value of the interpretation of a modern young look, often with unique details for the basic models to add unlimited creativity. Feminine sensibility as a re-interpretation of the resistance of the emotions, the opposite emotional integration of emotion reflects the original sensibility of LA PRAZL.


LA PRAZL ( Farina posture ) Shenzhen City won vertical Garments Co., Ltd. in 2010, the introduction of exclusive agency of the Spanish fashion brand.

LA PRAZL was born in Spain with a long history and profound heritage of modern office and large-scale production base of apparel company, the company in leather goods, high-end fashion has a number of production plants. The company has high-quality, high-grade, unique brand-name product design, production, sales and service capabilities.

LA PRAZL品牌女装 内敛的时尚、文静的优雅

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