Lan Zhuoli 2012 autumn and winter do his mind the sexy stuff

Lan Zhuoli brand was founded in 2004, is a young free, full of fun brand, is committed to becoming a friend of young girls, accompanied the girls play together and grow together! With the brand value of "youth", "sensuality", "freedom" and "fashion", Lanzhuoli is committed to providing girls with highly tactile underwear products to meet their changing and changing image and psychological needs.


Lan Zhuoli VIVI GIRL series, watermelon red + white lines of minimalist design, full of girl enchanting body lines, can be described as a man in the eyes of Oh!

兰卓丽2012秋冬新品 做他心目中的性感尤物

Lan Zhuoli 12 autumn and winter food girl series, extravagant purple with the design of the pattern, shoulder strap wavy design highlight the sexy side of a woman!

Lan Zhuoli brand positioning of the target consumer group in girls to women over the period of women. These girls are energetic, playful, enjoyable and create playful, playful games informally; they undergo a transformation from girl to woman, sometimes innocent, sometimes serious, persistent and dreaming of becoming a star , Chasing the trend, changing from time to time fashion "Fan children", showing thousands of girls of all kinds of beauty, they fearlessly sexy to play with their bodies, showing unexpected drama effect; although they changeable, but they insist on their own choices, Because they are longing for freedom, as long as she wants at this moment, she insisted, until the moment of change; they enjoy the feeling of surrounded by friends, they are absolutely PARTY GIRL!

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Material is PP .

Size have 24x72cm and 33x92cm

CMYK full color print ,have model fee.

MOQ is 2000pcs

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