Zhuangzi men elegant and stylish fashion with, gorgeous and comfortable coexistence

"I do not know the dream of the butterfly for the butterfly and the dream of the butterfly for the week?" For many years, Chuang Tzu company from Zhuangzhou profound thought to draw the essence, summed up the unique Zhuangzi costume aesthetics, and the formation of today Zhuangzi costume style. Its clothing Ya and not pretty, simple and clumsy, elegant and stylish with, gorgeous and comfortable coexistence, the perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Its clothing or wide elegant as the ancients Bo E-bo, or the fit of the pursuit of people clothing effect, but in the end will not betray the dream, nature, freedom of the main road. Happy life will not wear costume shackles. Zhuangzi designers always believe in the aesthetic beauty of apparel should be comfortable for the wearer or the viewer forever instead of being restrained and depressed. Very cultural design of the texture is also Zhuangzi costumes the main identification mark. In the women's dress can be found in the marble pattern, moire, ink prints, even in the orthodox business men, you can also find landscape reflection This is the Zhuangzi products to build the culture of clothing to be embodied in the naivety of human nature, Unrestrained. The trace. The strong Chinese style is lightly hidden in the details of dress, Zhuangzi designers have their own originality in this regard. Chuang Tzu, by virtue of its steady and elegant style of apparel, enjoys the favor of those elites of the society and uses its aesthetics of clothes to continuously convey Zhuangzi's philosophy of life. Beijing Zhuangzi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a set of leather apparel development, design, production and sales as one of the enterprises. Now the company building up to 19,000 square meters, more than 500 employees, more than 40 professional clothing designers and technical staff. Companies with first-class production equipment, the annual production capacity of up to 30 million. At present, Zhuangzi company in more than 70 cities in the country with more than 160 stores, offices. Zhuangzi Company is the first enterprise in Beijing leather industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification. It has been awarded as "China's Real Leather King", "Beijing Famous Brand", "Famous Brand Product of Beijing" and "Harmonious Labor Relations in Beijing" Unit, "" Special Prize of Advanced Enterprise for Outstanding Performance in National Light Industry, "and" Capital Civilization Unit. "The overall market share of" Zhuangzi "brand leather garments ranked No.1 in similar products for the eighth consecutive year. In December 2007, the Temple of Heaven store was named the "2007 Beijing Excellent Commercial Store" by the Beijing Commercial Federation. Since September 2007, "Zhuangzi" brand leather garments have been awarded "Beijing Top Ten Fashion Brands" by Beijing Apparel & Textile Industry Association for many times in a row. Since 2008, it has been awarded the "Gold Award of Top Ten Fashion Brands in Beijing" for three consecutive years since 2008, The company has become one of the most competitive leather garments industry in China. In order to fully build Zhuangzi brand, Zhuangzi carried out a series of development, Zhuangzi adhering to the usual style, take the elegant leisure path, adhere to high quality, low price, full interpretation of distinctive, full of Zhuangzi costume culture. Zhuangzi people believe in "innovation, pragmatism, brand, value." "Innovation" is the foundation of Zhuangzi people's work, "pragmatism" is Zhuangzi people's work style, "brand" is Zhuangzi people's pursuit of goals, "value" is Zhuangzi people's business philosophy. At the same time, Zhuangzi people always adhere to the "customer-centric", always put the customer's value first, to provide customers with "value for money" products. "I do not know Zhou dreams of butterflies and butterfly dreams for the week?" Zhuangzi products in the construction of clothing culture, innocence and innocence of human nature, unconsciously emerge spontaneously. Zhuangzi people will play their unique cultural advantages and distinctive personality, to create a well-known clothing brand and make unremitting efforts!

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