Andy Deer, the most attractive children's clothing brand

Established in 2002, "ANDIL" brand is a well-known children's wear brand in Shenzhen Shun Qi Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. It is a Sino-foreign joint venture integrating design, production, sales and service. Children from 1 to 15 years old offer unique aesthetics and international quality children's wear. The company is headquartered in China's special economic zones, the gathering of brand clothing --- Shenzhen. After years of rapid development, Shun Qi has become a professional product development base, the development of products in more than 500 models each quarter, and has nearly 70 mature direct sales network, direct sales outlets widely Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou And other Pearl River Delta region, the highest single-store sales exceeded 3 million brand enterprises. With the mature direct mode to copy franchise stores, faster and more direct service to the majority of franchisees and consumers. Physical stores to further improve the specification, the store is the most representative of a brand image of things, the overall quality of the store staff, product display and other aspects continue to increase efforts to enhance and promote the physical store sales. "Andy Deer" (ANDIL) brand is currently in key provinces and cities nationwide with the strength of the general agent cooperation. In the form of branches under the jurisdiction of the region opened first-line shopping mall flagship store, play a role model shop. Store with the physical store to assume the three major image: product image, service image, store image, faster and more direct "Andy Ler" store system copy in the province's franchisee. In the key markets (franchisees can not survive the first-line shopping mall) for physical display, attracting a group of "Andy Ler" business philosophy consistent with the majority of franchisees. Faster and more direct and more intimate service franchisee to serve consumers and achieve win-win! With a mature model of copy shop profit system! Market-oriented, starting from the needs of consumers, out of the traditional children's clothing cautious design, prominent fashion Spirituality, respect for comfort and environmental protection, highlighting children's personality is "Andy deer" (ANDIL) brand design style. Selection of green cotton and high quality healthy fabrics, fully reflects the needs of healthy growth of children, well-made high-quality children's clothing, careful care of every inch of children's skin is "Andy deer" (ANDIL) brand development purposes. "ANDIL" (ANDIL) products advocate highlight individuality, the pursuit of fashion, pay attention to the overall product portfolio, we not only in a single design requires fashionable and more prominent in the color collocation children's Jiaozi era. "Andy Deer" (ANDIL) invite you to work together to create a miracle of wealth Warmly welcome the franchisee, agents to inquire! Company Name: Shun Qi Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Contact: Mr. Huang Tel: QQ:

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