Singer women's 2012 autumn and winter commuter dress filled with modern style

Guangzhou Shang Shang Garments Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales in one of the fashion business. The company has a first-class design team, as well as steadily expanding and improving production entities. Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the advanced marketing concept, the spirit of "pragmatic work, integrity hospitality" principle, after eight years of sharpening, the company founded the " song song " women's brand with its unique charm, has proudly stand in the highly competitive The forest of the female fashion brand.


Years of accumulation, "song" brand women won the high demand for fashion taste of urban new female friends generally agree and love, they are confident and independent, full of wisdom, they pursue fashion, advocating elegance.

司歌女装2012秋冬装 通勤装扮尽显摩登风情

"Songs" strive to bring life and high-quality products into one, in order to continuously meet the urban women's pursuit of quality fashion life needs as its mission.

司歌女装2012秋冬装 通勤装扮尽显摩登风情

"Songs" not only bring urban women soft as a cashmere touch, leaving them gorgeous in full bloom in elegant and elegant life, annotations belong to their own elegant fashion.

司歌女装2012秋冬装 通勤装扮尽显摩登风情

Singer women advocate "the pursuit of personal taste, luxury European aristocracy" way of life. Mainly to meet the 25-45 year-old urban women's pursuit of quality of life, the personal taste combined with the European aristocratic luxury clothing style and the best display of body shape "brand concept" into a modern and modern clothing.

This is a product designed for paper-cut or embroidery products and their derivatives. They are handmade and made with Chinese characteristics and traditional methods.
Embroidery: The hand-embroidered bag material is made of high-quality fabrics, hand-embroidered by a line of embroidered women, and carefully needle-stitched. The Embroidered Brooch is designed with traditional Chinese butterfly shapes and flower shapes as a sample, traditional and retro.
Paper-cut: Taken from Chinese traditional red paper, the paper is cut by Chinese non-genetic inheritors and senior art masters. The shape depends on the local scenery or legends, especially the portrait paper-cut, which is vivid and vivid.

Paper Cutting

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