Dai Ni Fang body underwear to shape the perfect figure for women

Dai Ni Fang underwear combines the warmth of Western aesthetics Zhang Yang, Eastern aesthetics gentle and elegant and the concept of the body curve of the beauty, the combination of structural mechanics, ergonomics, new materials science, weaving techniques of fiber science, skin care emollient technology, computer simulation Technology, traditional Chinese medicine theory of health and other fields of scientific and technological achievements in innovation and management of fat flow, righting spine, improve blood circulation, nourish the skin, wearing comfortable, full chest, abdomen, plastic waist, hip, legs, precise Adjust excess fat, create the perfect perfect curve.


黛妮芳美体内衣 塑造女性完美身材曲线

The brand products using advanced European fabrics, with different design concepts and styles committed to the integration of European romantic aestheticism in the Eastern mysterious introverted classical culture, so elegant and sexy in the "Dainippon" products bloom, So that the domestic trendy women to wear at the same time enjoy the "Dai Ni-fang" to bring a comfortable brand intrinsic, access to underwear industry alike.

Chinese Natural Colour Raccoon Belly Skins Pelts For Coat Collar,Raccoon Fur Plate.All of our products are made from the animals which are from farmland .we refuse using the wild and endangered animals. wild.

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Professional designers and workers.

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Chinese Raccoon Skin Collar

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