EU will refuse to contain environmental hormone NPEO textiles

EU will refuse to contain environmental hormone NPEO textiles The reporter learned from the Shishi Office of the Quanzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that a few days ago, the European Union strengthened the supervision of textile environmental hormones and has completely banned the import of textile products containing environmental hormones.

In recent years, the EU’s attention to environmental hormones in textiles and clothing has continued to increase. In 2006, the European Union explicitly banned the use of nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ethers (NPEO) and nonylphenol (NP) in the textile production industry in the region. In August this year, the Swedish Chemicals Agency submitted to the European Chemicals Agency a document that banned the import of NPEO-containing textiles into the European Union. EU Environmental Agency and other agencies also called for the early definition of environmental hormones as well as material criteria and their inclusion in REACH. Regulatory framework system. This move may eventually lead to the European Union’s complete ban on the sale of textiles containing NPEO on the market.

Environmental hormones are chemical substances that cause extrinsic disturbances in the body's endocrine system. These substances can cause disorders in the endocrine system, impede reproduction and development, and even cause malignancy. NPE has an endocrine disrupting effect that promotes breast cancer cell proliferation and is a carcinogen. As a surfactant, once NPE enters the environment, it quickly decomposes into the more toxic environmental hormone NP. NP is recognized worldwide as an environmental hormone.

The reporter learned from the inspection and quarantine department that the department has found that NPEO is commonly used as a surfactant and cleaner in the textile dyeing, finishing and garment washing industries during the survey of the textile industry in the area. According to reports, surveyed companies generally adopt traditional washing methods, and few companies adopt cleaner production technologies. Since NPEO-containing cleaners are used in washing and washing, residues are also likely to occur.

The EU is one of the major export markets for textile and apparel products in Fujian Province. From January to October, the Fujian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau tested a total of 19,900 batches of EU textile products and US$ 748 million. In this regard, inspection and quarantine departments remind relevant enterprises in the jurisdiction to improve clean production technologies as soon as possible, replace NPE with eco-friendly surfactants, and respond early to possible impacts and impacts.

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