Aisha Sha underwear new sexy new "peak"

Why 20 years old but have a 40-year-old body? Someone 40 years old but also maintained a 20-year-old body? A good bra is essential to women, women can make up for the passage of time. Pro, you choose the right bra for you? Aidisha underwear to help you solve.


Dark blue bra in the sexy at the same time added a few glamor, using the traditional widening under the rattan design, more robust and can effectively prevent the bra shift on the slip, to avoid breasts affect the appearance of the chest. Delicate alignment in the bra enough to leach mesh texture then lace modification, for sexy extra points!

艾迪莎内衣新品 推向性感新“高峰”

Sophisticated Spiraea and lace with the formation of a unique peacock tail texture, sexy, yet at the same time a little girl cute. Panties also use the same style, wavy embroidered edge more beautiful. Uses Adisseo's unique technology to gather the whole shape, tighten the milk and the back, and present the perfect chest curve.

The polyamide and cotton fabric is usually blended or interweaved polyamide and cotton fiber. The struction of this fabric is plain, twill, stain and rip-stop.The abrasion resistance of this fabric is better than TC or CVC fabric.The tensile strength is also higher.These are woodland ,jungle,desert,sea and sky patterns. After special treatment, the surface of the camouflage has near infrared retardant(IRR) function. At the same time, it can increase the functions of flame retardant and waterproof. In addition, high breaking and tearing strength and good printing color fastness are the basic requirements.It's worn comfortably.It's widely used for uniforms and garments.

Cotton And Polyamide Camouflage Fabric

Camo Fabric,Rip-Stop Fabric,Anti Infrared Fabric,Cotton And Polyamide Camouflage Fabric

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