Summer fashion with Cheats Wei Si Man Fashion Women Paris modern art perfect collision


May soon be over, summer closer and closer, and as a fashion favorite of how you can less fashionable WSM WSM women's fashion with it? WSM WSM, from Paris design concepts, focus on women's WSM Prominent elegance, confidence, romance, modern OL positioning, Weisi Man clothing integration of French fashion elegance, romantic and Paris woman's sophisticated, modern.

夏季时尚搭配秘籍 威丝曼时尚女装巴黎现代艺术完美碰撞

WSM WSM, with its elegant interpretation of French taste, has become an internationally renowned women's brand, becoming a refined and elegant representative, active in the world fashion arena. WSM advocating romantic, modern lifestyle, creating a modern Smart Art charm of the Metropolitan girl image.

夏季时尚搭配秘籍 威丝曼时尚女装巴黎现代艺术完美碰撞

At the same time of pursuing fashion, Weisman WSM pays more attention to customers' matching experience with products, strives to capture the most in-and-out LOOK image in international T-stage, fits the perfect collision between French fashion and European modern art, creates a brand new creative idea, Sisi WSM women's brand so that every city has a star dream girl, revealing the inner charm of self-confidence temperament.

夏季时尚搭配秘籍 威丝曼时尚女装巴黎现代艺术完美碰撞

Guangzhou Weisi Man Clothing Sales Co., Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zhuhai Weisi Man Clothing Co., Ltd., is a professional engaged in women's fashion franchise , direct sales chain business for the main business unit.

Currently, WSM Women's Womenswear brand has entered a number of large-scale retail outlets across the country, such as Shanghai Chia Tai, Grand Gateway and Shanghai Dream Shopping Mall, Friendship, Paris Spring, Parkson, Wangfujing, WAN Link, Texhong, Maoye and other systems The establishment of a long-term strategic cooperative relations to brand-based products and brand management as the direction, making the continued expansion of business scale and continuously improve the reputation of enterprises in the industry prestigious.

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