Zhuo colorful women's summer fashion to create a small fresh beauty

Zhuo Tau soft young generation, she set gentle and beautiful, independent and confident in one, with rich content, both rigid and soft, with her ultimate elegance and elegance, the perfect interpretation of a new generation of female image. In the summer of 2013, Zhuo Tzuzi women's fashion will be sweet in the end, to create a small fresh beauty!

卓多姿 - ZDORZI

Lace jacket with floral dress, chest new heart-shaped cut and light waist design perfect set off the graceful and graceful female figure, so that your soft and lovely place to hide, is the fairy tale Princess Some dress up.

卓多姿时尚女装夏季新品 打造小清新美女

Sleek neckline design, pleated chest, cuffs with complex flowers or self-cultivation cut, all the soft feminine show vividly, creating a warm feeling. Very smooth fabric, texture, color, perfect match with the visual balance is a sense of fashion.

卓多姿时尚女装夏季新品 打造小清新美女

Soft with, fresh pastoral, light green shirt with a white skirt, cute orange hairpin and lace distinctive lace design, do you have a look like it? yes, is the case, so that if you can not let go of love once you meet, let yourself be a cute and relaxed small fresh, easily capture everyone's attention.

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