Y8 underwear Guangzhou Tianhe Shipai store grand opening

March 15, 2013, Y8 underwear on the same day again opened two new y8 underwear flagship store, respectively, y8 underwear GOGO Xintiandi flagship store and Tianhe East brand underwear east Y8 underwear Shipai shop. Y8 underwear Shipai store uses the image of the fourth generation of terminal decoration, large LED high-definition display, lighting and other energy-saving use of low-heat LED environmental protection materials, fashionable youthful and beautiful decoration style attracted, passers- , Y8 underwear Shipai store opened on March 15 to today March 18, has set a single-day turnover of more than 50,000 yuan crazy performance.


Y8 underwear chain founded in 2006, is a highly concerned about young women's lifestyle lingerie brand . "Fashion Y8" target customers are mostly 18--28-year-old fashion women, mainly located in campus girls and the working-class people, their product design fashion pure, exquisite workmanship, affordable. At present, it has covered many peripheral markets of colleges and universities and has developed rapidly along the strategic route of the campus surrounding the urban area. It is the first underwear chain brand in China that focuses on the development and cultivation of the campus girls market.


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