18K gold diamond ring selection skills

What is the selection technique for the 18K gold diamond ring? Because of its good style, strong setting and appropriate price, it has always been the first choice for consumers. If you can use some selection techniques when choosing, you must have a diamond ring with high price ratio.

When choosing its shape, it requires the overall dignity, balanced proportionality, line direction, arc transition to be natural, diamonds prominent, and strong sense of subject. What is the selection technique for the 18K gold diamond ring? The egg ring, large octagonal, square, rectangular gemstone ring is generous; the spherical, heart-shaped, olive-shaped, pear-shaped gemstone ring looks chic. Pay attention to the level of production technology, whether there are welds and blisters, whether the lines of the engraved patterns are smooth and the layout is reasonable.

In the choice, because the 18K gold inlay is relatively strong, especially for diamonds with a slightly larger carat, such as diamonds of about 50 minutes, and diamonds are too small, you can choose nails, pavés and so on. Increase the aesthetics of the diamond ring style.

18K gold, divided into platinum and color gold, the common market is 18K white gold, because its color is white, more popular, but some people think that 18K gold will change color, in fact, 18K itself will not change color, just the above The gold will be slightly turned yellow in the frequent friction, pay attention to maintenance, timely cleaning, as early as possible to prevent 18K gold color drop, wearing a few years and decades is also possible.

Therefore, we must choose a service with perfect after-sales service, which can be used for cleaning, plating and other services free of charge to reduce future troubles. Such a business, such as our Hengde Diamond Network, is a good choice.

What are the selection techniques for the 18K gold diamond ring? It is recommended that people who are ready to purchase the 18k gold diamond ring should buy it online, because online shopping is not only convenient but also more affordable. Hengde Diamond Network has the first hand-cut diamond in Belgium, saving it. Many middlemen use the direct sales operation mode of “network + physical store” to reduce many intermediate links and save high operating expenses. The price is 50%-70% lower than the market price, and the team with more than 20 years of processing customization, whether it is From the price or the craft, the style has a good advantage.


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