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Shirts can highlight the men's charm, with a good shirt can give you extra points! However, the shirt is also a long-standing problem in cleaning, how to maintain the shirt has always been a headache for everyone. The market for many shirt collar collar care products, such as the net collar, bow tie net, spray, wipe, brush, Tu shirt so that the shirt becomes easy to wash. With these is not enough, the following men's shirt for your shirt maintenance tactics. Do not put shirts and jeans into the washing machine when cleaning the shirt, it is best to use hand wash, really want to help the washing machine, we must remember to put it into the laundry bag; laundry add fabric softener, make the next feel more wearing a shirt Good, more than 30 seconds is a cotton shirt unacceptable dehydration time; cotton shirt actually should be ironed, do not fold, directly linked to the wardrobe. Shirt routine maintenance, we must also pay attention, do not wear to be seen by others at first glance to wash again. First, affect the image, and second, it is difficult to wash back the primary colors. Shirt lining material, mostly linen or resin sack material, in order to maintain straight and straight shape, deformation, cleaning should not be forced to twist, rub.

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Coin Keychain

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