Samaritan Dan brand women in hot investment

Samaritan women multidisciplinary design team cross-border cooperation, highlighting the designer brand style; And Golden Eagle, Ginza, and other large shopping malls reached a strategic cooperation agreement; First domestic fashion brand and mall cooperation new model, all-round terminal interactive cooperation, will become Ladies and gentlemen rookie at home and abroad; keen market insight, combined with the international fashion color and elements, consolidate the industry core brand competition. Now hot investment in the country, looking forward to joining people of insight!

萨玛莉丹 - samaritaine

SAMARITAINE Samaritan, one of the sales brands of LVMH Group, an international top luxury group. Located in Paris, France, the Seine River, located between the Louvre and Notre Dame, was founded in 1870, tailored for Chinese women. One afternoon three years ago, a young Chinese man sat in an open-air cafe by the Seine in Paris, France, watching the crowd come and go. Suddenly, a strange scene drew his attention. Xinqiao crowded crowd. They looked hard through the glass windows. He curiously asked French friends: What are they looking at? French friends smile: Every day people around the world stop to find out. This is the French symbol, SAMARITAINE, God, this is a woman's paradise! His friend's reply caught his interest. He sat here for five days in a row to drink coffee, watch the crowd, and think of things. He is the founder of Huairen Zhang Huaren. A casual conversation, a few cups may not be drunk coffee, created today's Wyrennet costumes. Samaritan women's brand was born.

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