No.1 storehouse gorgeous turn around to create "China's first brand of children's products"

Caterpillar is not itself, it is just waiting, waiting for metamorphosis, into a beautiful butterfly flying! One child Tongcang children's wear items on the market, by the majority of investors love and support, No. One Tongcang development faster than most domestic children's wear brands. One child warehouse in the children's clothing industry hit a hit! It took less than a year. One by one signed photo, an article opened the news, witnessed the history of No.1 child warehouse and has been hard work. I have the imitation of peers, opponents squeeze, but No. One Tong warehouse always run in the forefront of the market, reform and innovation. The market competition is cruel and ruthless, in the children's clothing this market, in front of leading international brands ahead of us behind the domestic brands in the catch up, we are not slack, move forward! Today's children's wear industry has been speculation in the media in full swing, seems to be involved in the ranks of the rich into the ranks, but in a few years, another 10 years? More and more investors to join, the children's clothing market is bound to re-shuffle, the formation of larger, smaller the smaller the final situation. One Boy Tong warehouse project has been written since the beginning of the grand blueprint, One Boyong not only children's clothing, is to do the children's market. Children's clothing, but our entry point into the market, as a pre-layout. Now the time is up, No. 1 Tongcang will soon transform into a butterfly, soar between the world! The earth is not our ideal, the vast sky is our pursuit! July 2013, No. One Tongcang brand upgrade officially started to create "China's first brand of children's products!" The brand upgrade is expected to be completed in September 2013. By then, a brand new genuine "No.1 storehouse" will be grandly launched! The brand upgrade from the brand positioning, brand image, product categories and other aspects of major reforms. New No. 1 Tong will be fully around the concept of "warehouse", add baby, stationery, toys, maternal and child care, daily necessities and other product lines. After research and analysis, No. 1 Tongcang children's wear series will focus on the "Chao Tong series" in-depth development, the pursuit of "fashion" and "personalized" children's wear. One child Tongcuo efforts to create "China's first brand of children's products," "No. One Tongcang Children's Living Museum," "Chao Tong Hall" and other theme terminals. To this end, one child Tong warehouse sector has now entered the "highest combat readiness", all just "transformation"! So that every ordinary child into the first child Tong positions can be "armed" to become the most tide of the most fashionable little Lolita, small too too. So that every one in the No. 1 child warehouse mom, can easily buy the children need to use the goods, enjoy the children's one-stop shopping experience. Let each one No. Tong Tong store franchisee, can easily earn money for the local children's market. One Boy Tong Children's Living Museum will be the most popular children's products shopping center! (Official website ) The real competitive advantage is that there is no competition, that is, to avoid competition. The best way to get out of the competition is to create a new one and monopolize one field or enter a field that is relatively weak. In other words, the sustainable competitive advantage of enterprises actually stems from continuous innovation. From 2012 to the present, our No1 Tong warehouse has been changing, the same is No1 Tong warehouse or the children's market and the ability and determination to reform and innovation. Thanksgiving card from the emotional marketing activities, to fashion sports shoes, children's hats and other accessories introduced, No. Tong Tong all the way to sing the song. One Boyong warehouse upgrade this brand to obtain the strong support of the Huasheng VC group. Huasheng Wanbang Venture Group affiliated companies St. Ernie shoes division, Guangzhou Amoy purchase Limited, Guangzhou good filial piety Ltd., Guangzhou ceremony is still off Limited, No. 1 Tongcang Division. One child Tong in the group headquarters of the strong support of the use of advanced brand franchise management experience, will create a new brand. Strong background of the group company support, advanced management concepts, will create a new style Tong Tong No. one, leading the children's market trends in the industry!

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