Five pairs of shoes were detected with a pair of carcinogens

Five pairs of shoes were detected with a pair of carcinogens Recently, a survey released by Germany’s Radio West Germany showed that many plastic “hole shoes” contain a large number of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (hereinafter referred to as phas). These substances can enter the body through the skin and may be harmful. Healthy body.

Now many people wear hole shoes, many of them children. Can these shoes be reassuring? The Minsheng Lab of the newspaper randomly purchased 5 pairs of shoes from shopping malls, supermarkets, and roadside shops and commissioned the Zhejiang Institute of Inspection and Quarantine to conduct phas testing. As a result, one pair of five pairs contained carcinogens.

Experimental sampling: There are many kinds of hole shoes in the market, there are recognized big brands, there are also "three no products", each price from four hundred five hundred to ten yuan, texture is light to heavy, the reporter randomly selected Each price, various colors of shoes, a total of 5 pairs.

experiment procedure:

1. Sampling: Cut out the parts of the shoes that touch the skin (the upper and the insole) and cut them with scissors. The largest particles are no more than 2 to 3 mm.

2. Extraction: Each sample is weighed 0.5g sample, mixed with the ** solution, and then placed in an ultrasonic bath for extraction at a constant temperature of 60 °C for 1 hour. The inspectors said that this process is similar to the use of traditional Chinese medicine to extract the test components from the solids.

3. Determination: Take one extraction solution and put it into a special instrument (GC-MS) for qualitative and quantitative analysis of phas. The test covers 18 common phas and the results are taken as their sum.

Test method: Refer to the German Institute of Safety Technology (zls) test method for plastic products. The second category in the method refers to parts that are in constant contact with the skin, and parts whose contact time exceeds 30 seconds.

At present, the detection of plastic shoes in China is based on this method.

Slow release of phas, smell before buying

Before the experiment, the reporter asked several readers to judge the quality of 5 pairs of shoes. Their first impression is that the shoes with the cheapest prices have a higher probability of being problematic; the quality of shoes bought in big shopping malls is guaranteed, so don't worry.

The result of the test was a little unexpected. 5 pairs of shoes, more than a dozen pairs of shoes purchased in the roadside shop is relatively safe. On the contrary, a pair of hole shoes purchased in a regular shopping mall “caught”: the phas content is seriously exceeding the limit. This pair of shoes has a standardized label, which clearly states "qualified product" on the inspection level.

What is the danger of phas exceeding the standard? For ordinary consumers, how to correctly buy safe relief hole shoes?

Qu Yi, director of the Laboratory of Light Industry Products under the inspection and quarantine Science and Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang Province, said that phas have a certain risk of cancer and are chronic poisoning and can penetrate through the skin. Especially in the summer, there is sweat on the feet, which promotes the penetration and absorption of harmful substances. As for how much time it takes to cause cancer, there is no authoritative data. This is a cumulative process.

From the test results, the phas content does not have much to do with the color of the shoes, but is related to the raw material control of the manufacturer. Consumers smell the first thing when they buy related products. There is a tarred smell. Please don't buy it. The phas content of such shoes will be quite high.

Sensitive skin buyers

Hangzhou Sanke dermatology doctor told reporters that the cancer may be related to the addition of chemical substances, but the possibility of cancer through the skin penetration is not.

It is worth noting that some patients themselves are allergic to gelatinous products. If they wear poor quality plastic shoes, they will not be able to recover due to repeated skin ulcers, which may cause skin cancer. He suggested wearing "shoe holes" or other plastic shoes, it is best to wear socks to reduce harmful substances and skin contact.

Summer is also a season of high athlete's foot. Some poor-quality holes are airtight and sweat is not volatile. Long-term wearing may lead to dermatitis and allergies.

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