T100 children's plaid shirt to create a healthy and environmentally friendly comfort dress

The current children's clothing market is expanding, more and more children's clothing brand into our line of sight, but what kind of clothes to choose to let children wear both beautiful and can wear healthy? T100 brand children's clothing concerned about the 3-16 year-old fashion children and parents of elite families, not only to provide design to provide "British style, aristocratic style" children's fashion and parent-child fashion as the main products, but also convey the elite family lifestyle. (Source: T100 parent-child installed 2013 summer) (Photo: T100 parent-child installed 2013 summer) Fresh and elegant green green and healthy wearing a concept of transmission, small grid elements to create a typical British style children's wear, from fabric to clothing Design and manufacture of the whole process to achieve environmental protection, the use of high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics, all the clothing after disinfection to the market, the true care of children's healthy dress.

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