Artificially improved jade

Now people can fill some colors with strong acid soaking or laser etching, making the jade of the poor variety look like high-grade jade. Now, jadeite usually distinguishes the texture of jade products with the letters A, B and C in the market.

(1) Natural jadeite is a natural jade that has not been chemically treated, color, and natural. [5]

(2) Bleaching and injection of jadeite is a jadeite that has been cleaned and glued with strong acid. Soaking and cleaning with strong acid helps to improve the transparency and color of jadeite.

(3) C jade, dyed jade, jadeite treated by artificial coloring, usually colored with organic dyes or inorganic dyes.

(4) B+C jadeite is a jadeite that has been subjected to strong acid cleaning and injection molding and artificial coloring.

Women's Winter Boots are what JNPFOOTWEAR starts from. 

We've been made women's winter sheepskin boots for more than 8 years.From sourcing leather to making shoes, we could share our experience with you.

We have Australian sheepskin boots, UK sheepskin boots, American sheepskin boots to fulfill the request of different market and target price.

To improve the shape of the boots, let the original ug boots, not that ugly. Now we also make the new collections of women's winter boots with shank insole, shape last. The outlook will more like women's fashion leather boots, but still with shearling lining to keep our clients feet warm in winter.

Women's Winter Boots

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