Wide-leg pants how to fall and winter with how to match the wide-leg pants cotton trousers

To the top of the season clothing is how to wear thin in the case of warmth, many summer fall clothing can not come in handy, but there is still a single product can do Oh, that is our wide Legs pants, as long as the election of fabric, you do not need to care about. The winter is a very important thing is thin, and whether you reduce the number of pieces of clothing, it seems still like a ball, so choose a wide open ankle wide leg pants is very necessary, like This wide-leg pants with a long section of the plaid jacket, this style of jacket exceptionally popular in the autumn and winter of this year, you want to wear outfit or casual wear are possible, to catch the choice is Burgundy knit sweater, the whole set of clothing on the color are more biased toward the dark line, under the wide leg pants to take the length of the design is also exposed ankle, visually reduce the upper heavy feeling. Small fairies want to take the workplace can choose this. Wide-leg pants black pants are more common, we can also choose a light-colored system for the wild white, we get on the shirt to choose a simple light blue turtleneck sweater, but also without any pattern Decorating, with the simple, of course, but also with a cotton coat or windbreaker to bring the wind is feasible, the following is the white wide leg pants, the overall look is a simple casual wear It's Even in the cold winter with some good wear, or you can keep them to the winter wear, and now learn it.