December suit to wear khaki khaki clothes how to match

In the dazzling world of colors, you are not always a certain color at first sight it? In addition to wearing a winter wild black, white, gray, in fact, khaki also doing my part. Khaki coat, khaki feather coat, Mirage ladies are ready for you, and quickly take a look at how to wear khaki clothes with it. Khaki long coat to take a small lapel black and white dress, simple but not simple, lower body with stockings + black platform shoes to help you stomachache high while full of college retro taste, and finally ended with a black tip cap , Warm degree and Han Fan temperament properly. Wide bread big down jacket inclusive Vientiane, casual pants with a look good, this khaki long knee down jacket straight version, with a large pocket design adds more warmth and security, choose a black pillow bag and ears to do with the cap, Very fashionable retro oh.