Ma: pass the texture to the downstream

Like many designers, Xu Hui Lan, a designer of Jiangsu Panjia Linen Textile Co., Ltd. engaged in the design of linen fabrics, always takes the professional features. She is studying the use of linen in designer clothes this summer. Xu Huilan summed up to reporters the overall impression: "Domestic brands rarely used, a little international background brand okay." The big-name products using linen, so that consumers have come to appreciate the comfort of linen. This ramie and hemp are also stained. "Many consumers just know that hemp products, have the same texture, who is going to investigate it is linen, ramie or hemp? So, linen market is good, we like, linen market is not good, we are sure a mess." One engaged Ramie business friends say so. hv Yes, consumers are consuming the texture of hemp, not the rest. The fabric designer is a very important part of texture transfer, fabric designer's design trends determine the style of the market products. From fabric to market products generally require a year's time. Xu Hui Lan is designing products to be listed next year. "Fabrics require more frivolous, all kinds of high-grade, blended, twisting, interwoven products, tricks," said Xu Hui Lan. Dressed in Mai - reflect the consumer demand personality: people in the increasingly rich material today, back to nature as a symbol of fashion was mentioned again and again. As the earliest human use of clothing fibers, hemp is one of the basic elements of life people can think of when they come back to nature. The so-called return of modern people, more to show their own personality. "Most of the orders in this year require a distinctive, single order volume is also very small." Xu Hui Lan said. Blended: Hemp texture is outstanding, adding a small amount of hemp fabric, the rough texture of the fiber can suppress other fibers and highlight it. As a result, many Blended clothing is quietly popular. It turned out that we have always admired European tradition of consumption of hemp clothing, feel that the cultivation of the bastard market requires a lot of energy and money spent. When we have not yet put into action, hemp apparel has appeared in every corner of the summer. Europeans are spending noble feeling of pure hemp, while domestic consumers consume pure hemp texture. High branches: thin transparent and irregular white linen shirt, accompanied by breathable small halter top in the street can be seen everywhere. "High branch, high density fabrics are very popular." Xiao Qunfeng, deputy general manager of Zhuzhou Cedar Company, told reporters. After strict quality control, China has two companies have made more than 300 branches of pure hemp fabric. In h & m's brand store, the reporter found that there are some 100 hemp pure linen clothing. At the same time, layers of blended linen skirts have also been placed on the counter. Bast Fiber Home Textiles - Whether we can hold up home textile industry as a rising star in textile industry. In previous years, the annual growth rate of more than 20% kept many traditional industries from seeing their business opportunities and decided to enter the textile industry with their own advantages. Similarly, a few years ago, hemp home textile products sales in Europe has also been very good, many companies to do home textile orders are deeply felt. In the early years, Chen Shangliang, general manager of Jiangsu Panjia Textile Co., Ltd. once described the grand occasion of processing export orders for textile products. Under the influence of the financial crisis, consumption appeared "potato effect". People spend less and less high-end things, hemp home textile products will not be because of the higher prices have been abandoned it? Reporters saw in Beijing's SanYou market, compared with hemp garments, hemp products, cultural festival received more support for hemp textile enterprises. Linen Liang Xi, linen cushion prices are around 100 yuan, belong to the average consumer can afford the price. According to the introduction of shopping malls staff, because over the years has been working hard to promote, ordinary people are more recognized home textile products hemp, so the sales are not bad. In addition to individual home textiles require texture, cool pad products, more lies in its soft, comfortable features. Traditional summer cloth (ramie handmade cloth) and linen blended bedding also appeared in the Sanyou market. "Our four-piece linen linen has the comfort of cotton and the breathability of linen." An official in charge of Harbin Aijia Linen Knitting Textile Co., Ltd. told reporters. Although many people agree that home textile products have expanded the use of hemp fibers, they do not agree that home textile products can play an important role in propping up the development of the entire industry. Say textile products is the savior of the linen textile industry is obviously some exaggeration.First, the products of hemp home textile has always been, sales have been very stable.Secondly, the varieties of home textiles are more limited to the mat products, throughout the linen industry The proportion of small. "China Textile Industry Association, chairman of Zhang Ping said. Perhaps, many people do not agree with home textile products to prop up the development of the entire hemp industry, because it can not fully convey the texture of hemp. Bast Fiber industry - external breakthrough When the sacks used in food packaging were replaced by chemical fiber bags, sacks gradually fade out of people's vision. Most of the sack manufacturers closed down, the remaining sacks produced by the enterprise were used as cigarette packs. Sacks have become history as food bags, but the good properties of sacks as bags make many people remember. It is moisture-proof, anti-mildew, but also dirt-resistant wear, performance is much better than chemical fiber products bags. Of course, we can not ignore the two disadvantages of jute bags: not frivolous and expensive. In the slightest aspect, some enterprises use cotton and jute interweave, to a certain extent, to solve such problems. However, what we use to convince consumers to choose more expensive than ordinary non-woven jute bags, it is worth thinking. In March this year, China's automobile production and sales volume both exceeded 1 million to become the world's largest consumer of automobile production, which has expanded the automotive industry for the development of a huge space for development. Many people think that hemp products will benefit from the development of the automotive industry. Bast products applied to the car, fully passed the texture of hemp: car cushions belong to the mat category, is the strength of hemp products. Automobile roof pressure resistance, hemp products are more in line with requirements. Ma film development potential is amazing. At present, the PK test of hemp film and plastic film made from all natural hemp is underway in Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Japan and Italy are also conducting experiments in this area. Environmentally degradable Ma film has three salient features: breathable moisture, reduce disease and promote production. Vegetable film using Ma film rarely high temperature burning seedlings and damp rotten roots, disease is relatively small. Tomato, pepper, watermelon, radish and other fruits and vegetables yield effect is very obvious. In this way, it is not impossible for the industrial textile of hemp industry to "save" the entire linen industry from the periphery.